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» Natalya Loseva

Natalya Loseva

Natalya Loseva


Born 7.07.1970

Journalist, Internet/Marketing Manager. Media Manager, Producer

She was born in Novosibirsk into a family of doctors. After school, she studied at the Medical Institute of Novosibirsk, but in her second year began working with local media. From 1992, she worked as a temporary staffer for the newspaper ‘Novosibirsk Evening News’ and the weekly ‘Youth of Siberia’.

1990-6 – correspondent, then head of news for the weekly ‘Youth of Siberia’. Special correspondent of the weekly ‘Red Prospectus’, stringer of the newspaper ‘Komsomolskaya Pravda’

1996-2000 founder and director of the ‘Novosibirsk Press Club’, an independent agency for journalistic investigations and press meetings. The endeavours of the Novosibirsk Press Club attracted interest not only within Russia but also abroad.

2000-2001 she was invited to move to Moscow to undertake a media project for the  ‘Media-Most’ company.

2001-4 head of the Internet newspaper Izvestia. The site became one of the leading five of its kind and was earned a national prize and various other awards.

2004 till March 2012, she was invited to the Russian Agency for International Information (RIA), first as director of internet projects and then, from 2010, as deputy to the editor-in-chief. She carried out reforms at RIA News in the area of new media, new types of broadcast and the organization of multi-media productions. She was responsible for the strategic and tactical development of the Internet media of the agency, for the organization of the multi-media content, streamlining processes the promotion of products and  platforms for new media.

RIA’s Internet and mobile projects have repeatedly won not only national awards and competitions, but also international ones.

RIA became the foremost Internet broadcast in Russia. Apart from RIA News, other projects such as ‘Our victory. Day by day’, ‘You, reporter’ and others also won special prizes.

In March 2012, she received an invitation from the Publishing House ‘Argumenti I Fakti’ to carry out reforms and development of new forms of broadcasting. In the two years of the reforms, the number of hits increased 2.4 times. Reform of the administration was also accomplished, as was the transition to 24/7 broadcasting.

In May, 2014 she became director of strategy in ‘Moscotour’ one of the largest agencies for children’s recreation and she continues to advise on matters of new multi-media and PR.

She has taught master-classes for many years at the School of Journalism and other universities in Moscow and abroad. She is one of the authors of the manual of Internet Media. She has participated as a speaker in many international conferences.

The inspiration behind the ‘George’s Ribbon’ movement, she also organized it from 2005 to 2012. Within the context of the project, she restored, digitalized and published a complete edition of the archives of the Soviet News Agency.

She speaks excellent English. Her son, Artem, is a third-year student at the First Medical University.


4 Awards of the RUNET national prize

In 2002, she was Person of the Year in the Rotor ratings

Medal for Exceptional Services to the Homeland

Medal of Saint Sergius of Radonezh

She has received certificates and thanks from the President of Russia and from the Russian Government and has been awarded prizes by Russian and international professional organizations

Hobbies: car journeys, the history of Northern European painting, the history of the Orthodox Church Tradition and Church architecture.

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