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» Sotiris Tzifas

Sotiris Tzifas

Sotiris Tzifas


CEO & Founder of Trust-IT Ltd (Trust-IT Security Intelligence Corporation).

Since 2006 he created and managed the cyber security firm Trust-IT, a pioneer IT Security company in integration and security of information systems.

Before 2006 Mr Tzifas, has been served as an expert in several organizations, assigned with multiple senior management positions like:

 IT Security Manager (EU Telecom Operator, Airline company, Media company,Oil Companies, Multinational Companies, Retail companies, Banks)

– Fraud Investigator (OTE, EU Telecom Operator, EU Financial Institutes)

– Consultant (Infote, OTE, Hellas-SAT, Hellenic National Defense General Staff, Ministry of Public Order, Retail Companies, National Bank of Greece, Russian Government, MTS)

– Integrator ( EU Telecom Operator, Oman Government Organizations, UAE Government, Russian Bank)

– Outsourcer (Cyprus Mobile Operator, Aviation companies,Pharmaceutical companies)

– Expert Trainer – (Lithuania Police, Russian Mobile Operator, Armenian Mobile Operator)

Mr Tzifas is highly experienced, having a proven track record in the following sectors:

– VIP IT Protection & IT Security Intelligence

– Cyber Investigation & Antihacking

– Information IT Security

– IT and Telecommunications Auditing Consulting

– Secure Integration

– IT Management & Security Consulting

– Computer Forensics

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Questions-Discussion (C3)

May 09, 2015
13:15 - 13:30

Safe Internet use and protection against threats

May 09, 2015
12:45 - 13:00